16 March, 2008

Interlude: top 10 stations

OK, given I'm roughly halfway through my journey around the Underground, I thought I'd name what I think are my 10 favourite stations I've encountered so far.

Feel free to agree, disagree, or simply ignore.

In no particular order, other than alphabetical:

1) Arnos Grove (Piccadilly Line)

2) Canary Wharf (Jubilee Line)

3) Croxley (Metropolitan Line)

4) Moor Park (Metropolitan Line)

5) Osterley (Piccadilly Line)

6) Rayners Lane (Metropolitan Line)

7) South Kensington (Circle Line)

8) Wembley Park (Jubilee Line)

9) Westminster (Circle Line)

10) Woodside Park (Northern Line)

1 comment:

Steve Williams said...

Well, I would agree with this. Surely when you come out of Canary Wharf it's the most spectacular sight imaginable, with all those tower blocks with the stock market info scrolling across them. I'm sure it's less exciting if you actually knew what it meant.

Surely Angel deserved a mention, though, if only for the escalators?